Apply to AAMPLE

The AAMPLE® Application Process:

1.  Please visit to access and submit the Fall 2013 application.  Your application must include a personal statement, resume, and two letters of recommendation- all to be submitted through LSAC.

2. If you are accepted into the AAMPLE® program, you will receive an acceptance email from our admissions department.

3. All accepted students must pay a tuition amount of  $500 to reserve their seat in the program.   Please refer to the information page of this website for the particular AAMPLE® cohort you're attending to determine this date.

Plan for all of your AAMPLE® costs:

You will need to purchase books.

AAMPLE® students have the option to take exams an an approved testing center for a non-refundable fee of $140.  Attempts will be made to find centers within 50 miles of students address; however this is not guaranteed.  Otherwise, final exams will be taken onsite at Florida Coastal School of Law, so plan for travel to sunny Jacksonville!

If you have any questions please contact Nicole Schumer, Assistant Director of Admissions, at or Allana Forte, Associate Director of Admissions, at