Non-Traditional Students

At Florida Coastal School of Law we understand many students come to us who may not consider themselves to be "traditional" law students. They may have changed careers, are veterans, are married, have children, and even have full-time jobs. They want the connections and networking opportunities that being in a dynamic law school environment can offer, while being supported and assured they have made the right decision to return to school.

The office of Student Affairs works with all segments of the Florida Coastal School of Law community to help students develop through opportunities, advice, and assistance. Student Affairs provides assistance to students with personal issues or problems such as dealing with the rigors of law school, adjustment to the Jacksonville community and connecting with likeminded students, or coping with personal or adverse conditions that affect law school performance.

In addition, mental health counseling is available without charge for any student who desires help with emotional issues which may interfere with optimal functioning while in school. Common concerns may involve relationship or family issues and maintaining work-life balance.