Factors Affecting Career Satisfaction

In finding a career that is fulfilling, there is more to consider than just career interest.  Considering all of the following factors can help identify what you are looking for in a career. 

1)  Values – Personal standards that one looks to be met within a career.  Some examples of values include:  Security, Autonomy, Intellectual Challenge, Lifestyle, Having an impact on society.
2) Psychological Needs – A compelling drive operating from the unconscious.  Some examples of psychological needs include: Control, Affection, Predictability, Inclusion in a group.
3) Communication Style – Patters for interacting with people and the environment.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator evaluates communication style.
4) Motivated Skills – What skills do you enjoy using?  You can be good a something, but not enjoy doing it.
5) Career Interests – What fields are you interested in?  Are you interested in working with certain people, entities, products or subject matters?

Information from Breaking Traditions, Work Alternatives for Lawyers (Donna M. Killoughey ed., 1993)