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Make the Most of Your Winter Break (part two)

The winter break is an ideal time to establish or enhance your social networking presence.  Social networking is no longer the wave of the future, it is our reality today!  Lawyers are joining the major social networking sites at a faster rate than ever before.  It’s no secret that it is challenging to land the job of your dreams in today’s market, but developing a strong professional social networking presence is one way that you can distinguish yourself from the competition.  The first step is to establish profiles on each of the top three social networking sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Facebook: While Facebook has not historically been used for professional social networking, there has been a shift toward using Facebook for professional purposes, and many law firms and companies now have Facebook pages that you can follow, so I recommend updating your profile to ensure that all pictures and posts project a professional appearance.  Then, start following law firms and organizations that interest you. 

LinkedIn: Since LinkedIn is recognized as the primary site for professional social networking, you are at a distinct disadvantage in the job market if you do not have a LinkedIn profile.  Create a profile and include a headshot that looks professional (it does not have to be taken by a professional photographer – you can use a nice amateur photo and crop it so that it only shows your face).  Write a summary that highlights your accomplishments in law school and your future goals.  Include all relevant prior employment and experiential learning, including clinics and externships.  Then, research and join groups that match your professional interests and groups that are in your target market.  Don’t forget alumni groups from your undergraduate institution and Florida Coastal.  And start making connections!  Connect with people you know and people you want to know, and be sure to customize your invitation so that people know why you want to connect with them.  The goal in making connections on LinkedIn as a student is to establish meaningful relationships with practitioners who can be resources for you, even if they do not have job opportunities within their organizations.  The best way to turn someone away is to come right out and tell them that you are connecting with them because you are looking for a job.  Under the News tab on LinkedIn, you can also follow specific industries and publications, and LinkedIn will customize the articles that you see based on your preferences.  This is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the industries that interest you. 

Twitter: Twitter is another site that is being used by more and more lawyers every day.  It offers a vehicle to connect with people and follow the latest news in any given industry.  You can use Twitter as a hybrid of professional and personal social networking.  I follow professional contacts, companies, and legal publications as well as sports programs, celebrities, and local organizations.  Creating a Twitter profile is simple, and you can use the same picture that you use for your LinkedIn profile.  Check out the people that I am following for ideas of who to follow (@afourmangator).  Also, click here to read an article from InsideCounsel discussing why all lawyers should use Twitter.

Once you are up and running, remember that the key to social networking is meaningful activity.  If you want to be noticed, you have to join the conversation.  Stay on top of the latest news and offer insightful comments, ask questions, answer questions, and share relevant articles.  As a former legal recruiter, I know firsthand that people are landing jobs everyday based on connections made through social networking.  You could be next! 

Stay tuned in the Spring semester for a CSD workshop focused on social networking, and stop by the CSD library to check out our resources on social networking.

If you have obtained a job through social networking – either through a connection made on a social networking site or through a job posting that you found on a social networking site – please contact me so that I can feature your story in a future blog post.  I can be reached at afourman@fcsl.edu.

Upcoming Event: Social Networking and Job Search for JDs

Do you have questions about how to incorporate social networking into your job search?  Have you received conflicting advice about whether to create a LinkedIn account and whether to delete your Facebook profile?  Then mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 16th at noon in room 455.  Amanda Ellis, author of The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs (2010), will be here to answer all of your questions about incorporating social networking into your job search! This presentation has been approved for 1 CPE credit. 

The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs teaches lawyers and law students how to get hired through relationships they develop and cultivate on the three most popular social networking sites–Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (collectively, the “Big 3”).  Many job seekers maintain a presence on the Big 3 sites. But, a mere presence is not sufficient to get hired—it’s only one element.  The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs teaches law students and lawyers how to incorporate the 6Ps (Professionalism, Profile, Privacy, Performance, Practice, Protocol) and outlines over 60 ways to use the Big 3 sites to get hired.

Amanda Ellis is the Vice President of Search for Special Counsel.  Prior to her current role at Special Counsel, Ms. Ellis worked as an Attorney Search Director at Special Counsel and her own search firm where she placed attorneys in law firms and corporate legal departments.  Amanda Ellis Legal Search also publishes Something Different, a monthly e-newsletter that outlines a new or different service or resource available to legal professionals in each issue.  Prior to entering the legal recruiting field, Amanda practiced commercial bankruptcy law in Massachusetts and Texas. Amanda is a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law and Centenary College of Louisiana.

RSVP TODAY ON SYMPLICITY.  The first 48 students to RSVP will receive a free copy of The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs!  You must attend the presentation to be eligible for a free copy of the book.