Tips For Final Exam Preparation

Final exams are a necessary evil of law school.  With the exception of first-semester students, your reading week begins in just under a week, and final exams in just under two.  If you’re in your first semester then you have a few extra days.  Understandably, stress levels tend to escalate during this time but do your best to keep them under control.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for exams and minimize your stress:

  1. Begin your studying with your last final first and work backwards.  When you sit for your first exam, you should already be prepared to sit for any of your exams.  This way the time in between finals is for review and practice instead of learning new material.
  2. Work through the material for a subject from start to finish.  Use supplements to explain and tie concepts together and be sure to incorporate practice (both essay and multiple choice) into your study routine.
  3. Create a detailed study schedule that specifically identifies what subject you’ll be studying, what source you’ll be using, when you’ll be doing practice questions, etc.  Be sure to spend an equal amount of time on all subjects.
  4. Attend all review sessions offered by your professors and/or TAs.
  5. Be sure to work in breaks while studying and get plenty of sleep.  If your sleep schedule is way off, start to get it back on track now – go to bed and wake up a little earlier each day – so that by test day you’re on schedule.

If you need any help creating a study schedule or plan of attack, please stop by the Academic Success suite to speak to a counselor. 

From the entire Academic Success team, GOOD LUCK on your final exams!!!