Creating a Weekly Study Schedule – Day 3

Today we will discuss how to actually create your individual study schedule. 

Let’s get started!

  1. Add your classes to the schedule
  2. Add any mandatory personal commitments to the schedule (this could include time for family, work, church, and errands)
  3. Plan when to read for classes – think about how long you need for each subject – one subject may take you longer than another subject
  4. Consider doing a 2-day-ahead schedule for reading to adequately have time to prepare for all classes.  For instance, for a Friday class, you would be reading on Wednesday.  This way, if something comes up that keeps you from reading when scheduled, you still have a day to catch up.  Schedule time for both reading for class and briefing the cases covered in the assigned reading. 
  5. Be sure to include at least 30 minutes before each class to review your notes and briefs.
  6. Your assignments will vary each week for Lawyering Process.  However, you must include sufficient time each week for all LP assignments to ensure you stay on top of all reading and assignments.  If you have a lighter week for LP, you can use that time to work on another class/assignment/subject.
  7. Outline and Review – you will need to find a good amount of time each week to review the material covered so far in the class and to work on outlines for the class.  Try to find about four hours of time each week that is not already committed in your schedule to review and outline.  Consider outlining for two subjects one week and two subjects the next week.
  8. Practice, Practice, Practice – find available time to do practice multiple choice and essays each week – consider doing two subjects each week and alternating.
  9. Add in extra personal time – watch a movie, your favorite TV show, go to the gym, etc.
  10. Finally, allow an hour before you go to bed each night so that you have some time to wind down before sleep.

Here is an example of a completed study schedule:   

Sample Study Schedule

Check back tomorrow for our final study schedule installment: Using Your Master Study Schedule to Create Your Individual Weekly Schedule .