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How To Maximize Your GPA

What if I told you to choose questions from one of three categories?

The first category is the hardest and worth fifty points. The second category is easier and worth forty points.  And the third category is the easiest and worth thirty points.

As a law student, you would probably go through some logically thought out process to choose a category.  Perhaps you would play it safe and choose the easiest questions because they guarantee you a good grade.

What if I did this after the test?

Automatically (without checking for accuracy), I give the students who had chosen the hardest questions A’s, the students who chose the easier questions B’s, and the students who chose the easiest questions C’s.

The moral of the story is that the easy route is not always the fastest way to your destination.

If you have academic goals and do not know how to reach them, visit an Academic Success Counselor for help.