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How To Maximize Your GPA

What if I told you to choose questions from one of three categories?

The first category is the hardest and worth fifty points. The second category is easier and worth forty points.  And the third category is the easiest and worth thirty points.

As a law student, you would probably go through some logically thought out process to choose a category.  Perhaps you would play it safe and choose the easiest questions because they guarantee you a good grade.

What if I did this after the test?

Automatically (without checking for accuracy), I give the students who had chosen the hardest questions A’s, the students who chose the easier questions B’s, and the students who chose the easiest questions C’s.

The moral of the story is that the easy route is not always the fastest way to your destination.

If you have academic goals and do not know how to reach them, visit an Academic Success Counselor for help.

“Why I Went to Law School”

With the start of a new semester just days away, now is a good time to remind yourself of the reason(s) you decided to attend law school.  There are definitely no shortages of challenges in law school, and whether you’ve just made it through your first semester, beginning your very first semester, or heading into your final one, reminding yourself of why you began this journey in the first place can help you stay on track.  Below are a few examples of why some of our students chose to attend law school.  Take some time to remind yourself of your own reasons and you just might find the motivation you need to have your best semester yet!

Stacey D:  “I went to law school to give a voice to those that otherwise wouldn’t have one.  I was active in the Guardian Ad Litem program at FCSL to make sure children were represented in court.  Also, I wanted to be financially independent, and law school will help me achieve that goal.  Lastly, after seeing firsthand the problems with foster care, I wanted to go to law school to help change the laws in that area so that foster children have greater protection under the laws.”

Laura B:  “I decided to go to law school because I grew up listening to, and witnessing, the passion with which my father described his job as a prosecutor and then then later as a business owner of his own law firm.  I was taught, rightfully so, that with a law degree, I would be privy to multitudes of opportunities that otherwise may not be possible or achieved without this degree.  With a law degree, I can practice law, work with my father and brother at the family firm, or be a business owner, among other things. Also, I felt permitted to respect myself for deciding to pursue a path of higher education.
Furthermore, I leaned towards law because I love language, reading between the lines, finding resolutions, and solving problems in creative ways.”

Michelle L: “The main reason I went to law school is because it offers versatility to different job opportunities. The curriculum teaches marketable skills that include perfecting the art of oral and written communication that is marketable for potential employers.  I am interested in different areas of the law that include health care, legislation, and the corporate environment.  The skills I will acquire while in law school will forever assist me in my professional career path.”

Good Luck!

You’re in the midst of finals now, and we in the Academic Success Department wanted to wish you luck as you wrap up the fall semester.  We sincerely hope that all of the hard work you’ve put in this semester reveals itself through some great exam results.  Heading into the holidays, we hope that you’ll enjoy the break from studying and that you’ll return to campus recharged and refreshed – ready to tackle the spring semester!

If you need any assistance over the next couple weeks, please don’t hesitate to swing by our department on the 5th floor to chat with a member of our team.  If you’re looking for some motivation, please see the video below.  Good luck on your final exams!


Does it Really Matter?

Are you wondering whether those extra hours of studying on a Friday afternoon really matter?  Are you wondering if being the only person in the library on a Saturday night is going to pay off in the long run?  Are you wondering if all the effort you are pouring into your law school experience is really worth it?  Watch this video and see what you think.