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Scheduling and Registration

With the registration period just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about the classes you’d like to take.  Scheduling is not as simple as it looks.  You need to consider classes are mandatory for graduation — required courses, your ALWR, foundation points, mandatory credits, and also keep in mind CPE credits.  You can find all of these requirements on the FCSL website.  Review the Registrar’s web page as well as the Student Handbook regularly.  Being well informed will ensure you are selecting the classes to graduate on time. 

Further, you need to develop a plan for the classes you want to take before graduation so that you don’t miss out on any opportunies to take courses that are taught infrequently. Think about the area you plan to practice in — if you plan on working in the criminal field, do you want to take Trial Practice?  Consider what state’s bar exam you will take and what subjects are tested — can you take classes on those topics to get an early start on bar prep?  Even if the material is not exactly the same, you may get a foundation or gain an understanding of the terminology used in the subject. 

Consider asking other students about classes and professors they enjoyed or recommend.  Make sure you look at the schedule for final exams to ensure you are not taking back-to-back exams.  Have a healthy mix of classes — consider taking skills courses along with doctrinal classes.   Do not wait to take your ALWR course in your final semester.  Make sure you get a degree audit each semester from the Registrar and continue to regularly check to see if you are on track to graduate.

If you’re still confused about registration, or would just like some advice about what courses might best suit your needs, schedule an appointment to meet with one of the Academic Success Counselors.  Pay attention to the requirements for a scheduling meeting that were included in the e-mail sent out from our department this week.  We look forward to helping you select the schedule that’s best for you!