ExamSoft Workshops- Now Offered Via DE

Would you prefer to type your examinations rather than handwrite them? With the use of ExamSoft you can do just that!

For Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012 , Fall 2012 admits, and any previous AAMPLE students, in order to be eligible to use ExamSoft for your exams you MUST first attend an ExamSoft workshop. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

Academic Technology is now offering a DE course option for students to complete their workshop requirement through an online workshop in Desire 2 Learn (“D2L”).

DE ExamSoft Workshop Option-  

  1. Students can complete the DE workshop, at their leisure, anytime between September 5th, 2012 to September 28th, 2012 by logging into D2L and accessing the following course “FCSL- ExamSoft Workshop”.
  2. All students will be enrolled in the DE ExamSoft Workshop course must complete all the content areas, quiz, and DropBox assignment by 5:00pm, September 28th 2012 in order to be eligible to use ExamSoft for their exams.