Assured Outcomes Partnership

Academic Success

With a student to counselor ratio of approximately 100:1, our Academic Success Counselors get to know you, are better able to help you thrive in a law school setting, from orientation to passing the bar. (more…)

Experiential Learning

According to a 2010 report, employers surveyed said practical legal work experience is the most marketable attribute on law graduates’ resumes. (more…)

Bar Passage

Open to 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls, the Coastal Law Enhanced Bar Pass program can maximize your chances for passing the bar exam – the first time. (more…)

Our commitment to you...

"We’re willing and comfortable to make this bold commitment. We developed and refined the program over the academic year after engaging admissions, career services, academics, and bar preparation departments and we’re confident it represents the best practices found in legal education."
Chidi Ogene, Interim Dean of Coastal Law
"We know from our research that experiential learning or legal work experience prior to graduation is the key to getting employment. With this program, we are assuring students access to these experiences in order to give them the best possible chance for success in their education and careers."
Rose DuBose, Assoc. Dean of Experiential Learning
Tony Cardenas
"I believe this program will be very exciting for our prospective students. We are showing them how dedicated this school is to our curriculum, academic programs, and student success. We are already receiving calls about the program because it truly does separate Coastal Law apart from our competition."
Tony Cardenas, Dean of Admissions

All incoming students are eligible for any or all Assured Outcomes Partnership components. Contact us for more information and we'll be in touch.