What is the Assured Outcomes Partnership?

  • The Assured Outcomes Partnership is a program designed to reward students who are highly engaged in their legal studies with a number of important assurances.  Specifically, participating students have opportunities to acquire substantive practical legal work experience and are assured to pass the bar exam the first time in the state of their choosing.Participation in the Assured Outcomes Partnership is completely voluntary and available at no extra cost.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • All students entering as full-time students in Fall 2013 are eligible for the partnership.

How do I become part of the program?

  • It’s easy. Simply let us know you are interested and we will provide you with an agreement that, more closely, explains the partnership expectations and assurances. Students are encouraged to turn in this document prior to orientation.

How do I know if I am meeting my responsibilities?

  • As a student partner, you will have multiple opportunities to check your status with your academic counselor or the dean of experiential learning.

How many credit hours should I take if I participate in the Assured Outcomes Partnership?

  • Students should take the same number of credit hours as the normally would outside the partnership.

What if I exceed the number of absences allowed due to an illness, death in the family, etc.?

  • Cases involving death, illness, or family emergencies will be evaluated on a case by case basis by senior administration.

Why should I participate in this program?

  • Going to law school is an important decision. The classes you take, the connections you make, and the experiences you’ll encounter over three years will challenge you like you’ve never been before. Our Assured Outcomes Partnership is unlike any other program offered by other law schools. It is designed to support student performance in law school from day one until after graduation when it’s time to take the bar exam. It is a true partnership and, if students are accountable for their part, we will be accountable for ours.