Congratulations to our professors and Law Review candidates

Coastal Law’s Shadow Program will be holding three orientation sessions this week: today from 12:00 to 1:15, Tuesday, August 28, 2012 from 12:00 to 1:15, and Thursday, August 30 from 12:00-1:15. All three sessions will be in Room 505.

The Shadow Program offers Coastal Law students the unique opportunity to shadow practicing lawyers and judges in a wide array of civil and criminal proceedings in both state and federal court. Students are exposed to the many different day to day facets of the practice of law in live cases.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bridge what you’re learning in the classroom with the skills you’ll need to practice. Attendance at an orientation session is required to participate in the program. Additional orientation sessions will be scheduled in September and October.

I would like to make everyone aware of the following faculty promotions that have been approved and are effective with the new semester:

Promoted to Professor of Professional Skills

  • Carolyn Herman
  • Promoted to Professor of Lawyering Process
  • David Simon

Promoted to Associate Professor of Law

  • Heidi Anderson
  • Sonya Hoener
  • Matthew Reiber
  • Alan Williams

Promoted to Associate Professor of Professor Skills

  • Lois Ragsdale
  • Annette Ritter
  • Sarah Sullivan

Congratulations to all!

I would like to congratulate the new candidates for the Florida Coastal Law Review. Please join me in congratulating them for their hard work and accomplishments:

  • Coleman Brooks
  • Theresa Carli
  • Deborah Cheesman
  • Trey Coker
  • Michael Cox
  • James Durstein
  • Job Fickett
  • Paulaine Flerijean
  • Derek Folds
  • Patrick Goode
  • Amanda Ingersoll
  • Bryan Judah
  • Elizabeth R. Jung
  • Vanessa Merassaint
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Richard Nolan
  • Christian Rogers
  • Neda Sharifi
  • Dale Shelton
  • Angela Viltro
  • Kristen E. Warren