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Clinics and Externships info meeting

There will be two information sessions this week for students interested in Fall 2013 Clinics and Externships.

Coastal Law’s wide range of Externships and award winning Clinics provide an excellent way to earn credit while gaining legal work experience. Come and learn about the opportunities and the application and interview process during our information sessions. Today Monday, March 4 Room 550 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm and Wednesday, March 6 Room 250 11:45 am – 1:00 pm .   Applications are available on simplicity and in suite 255. Learn more by visiting the clinic blog or email Prof. Ericka Curran with any questions.

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Coastal Law students compete in ABA Regional Client Counseling competition

Florida Coastal students, Nakeshia Baptiste and Cynthia Barnes, competed in the 2013 ABA Regional Client Counseling Competition. The Competition simulates a law office consultation in which the students, acting as attorneys, were presented with a client matter. They interviewed actors acting as clients and then explained what legal action they would recommend based on the hypothetical situation presented by the client.

At the end of the first three preliminary rounds, the students were ranked first in the competition. They advanced to the semi-finals and were defeated by Samford University, which was the team that won the competition.  Florida Coastal ultimately finished ahead of teams from, among others, Florida A&M, Emory, and John Marshall.  Jarmon DeSadier was the team captain.  Congratulations to all!

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Coastal Law Moot Court Honor Board win national championship

A special note of congratulations for two Moot Court Honor Board teams.

At the Charleston National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition this weekend one team won the championship while our other team reached the semi-finals. In fact, our two teams faced each other in the semi-finals, showing that it takes an Honor Board team to beat an Honor Board team. Our students defeated teams from FSU, University of Maryland, Mercer, Howard University and DePaul, among others.

The Coastal Law 2L team of Job Fickett and Amanda James reached the semi-finals. 3Ls Alexandra Amador and Nina Cano defeated William and Mary to win the championship, with Nina also winning the Best Advocate Award for the finals. Professor Sander Moody coached the teams. Alex and Nina also combined to win a national competition as 2Ls. And a very special note of congratulations to the Team Manager, Aida Ramirez. In the storied history of Florida Coastal’s Moot Court program, Aida is our first student to win three national competitions, having served the Honor Board as a brief writer, an oralist and a Team Manager. Congratulations to all!

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Welcoming new board members to Coastal Law Mock Trial and Law Review

The 2013-2014 Mock Trial Executive Board was selected this past week. Please join me in congratulating:

  • President: Tracy Engle
  • Vice President of Communications: Tiffany Roman
  • Vice President of Standards: Amanda Derby
  • Vice President of New Members: Christine Martin
  • Vice President of Internal Competition: Camille Smith

This weekend the intraschool competition to select a team for the ABA Client Counseling Competition was held. Four teams competed in the selection rounds. We are pleased to announce that Cynthia Barnes and Nakeisha Baptiste were chosen to represent Florida Coastal at the ABA Regional Client Counseling Competition which will be held at Nova Southeastern University College of Law on February 9, 2013.

The Florida Coastal Law Review is proud to announce the members of the 2013-2014 Editorial Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief – Amanda L. Ingersoll
  • Managing Editor – T. L. Coleman Brooks
  • Executive Editors – Kristy E. Warren & Job Fickett
  • Senior Articles Editor – Jimmy C. Durstein
  • Submissions/Symposium Editor – Neda A. Sharifi
  • Notes & Comments Editor – A. Derek Folds
  • Technical Editor – Trey Coker
  • Research & Writing Editor – Patrick Goode
  • Manuscript Editor – Christian A. Rogers

Coastal Law Moot Court Honor Board reaches quarter-finals

Congratulations to a Moot Court Honor Board team for reaching the quarter-finals this weekend at the National Veterans Law Moot Court Conpetition in Washington, D.C. The team members were Cathy Mainardi and Melinda Patterson (brief writer/oralists). Dale Shelton served as the Team Manager. Professor Sander Moody coached the team.

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Coastal Law moot court advances to Thomas Tang International Rounds

It was another outstanding week for our Moot Court Teams.

Two Honor Board teams were champion and finalist this weekend in their Regional for the Thomas Tang International Moot Court Competition. Kristen Warren did an outstanding job as Team Manager for both teams.

The team of Nina Cano and Rishi Pattni (oralists/brief writers) won the Regional championship. Alex Amador and Jansen Balisi (oralists/brief writers) also reached the Regional finals for an all-Florida Coastal championship round. Alex and Jansen continued the Honor Board’s national prominence in brief writing by earning the Best Brief Award. Jansen also received the Best Advocate, Second Award. In the semi-finals, our teams defeated SMU and the University of Miami.  Professor Sander Moody coached both our Honor Board teams.

With their success, our teams have earned the right to represent the law school in Washington, D.C. at the Thomas Tang International Rounds. The International Rounds will be held in November. Congratulations to all!!

Honoring Florida’s first constitution at Coastal Law

On Friday, October 19, Florida Coastal School of Law, the City of St. Augustine, and Florida International University College of Law will host a conference honoring the 200th Anniversary of Spain’s Constitution of Cadiz from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Room 550.  Panel discussions on Coastal Law’s campus will address various aspects of the constitution and its anniversary, including impacts on religious freedom, Florida property rights, and other controversies.

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Coastal Law Mock Trial team prepares for upcoming year

This has been a busy few weeks for the Coastal Mock Trial Team. After four weeks of practice and five days of competition, the Mock Trial Intramural Competition is complete. The finals were held Thursday evening on campus. The finalists were judged by Coastal Professor Lois Ragsdale, Mary Bland Love of the Marks, Gray firm and Coastal alum, Assistant State Attorney Rocco Carbone.

Tracey Engle and Justin Norman won the award for the Best Prosecution Team, while the Best Defense Team Award went to Theresa Carli and Hillary Sheridan. The Winners of the Intramural Competition Finals were Tracey Engle and Justin Norman. The Best Individual Advocate Award went to Theresa Carli. Congratulations to all four of the advocates as well as their 3L Mock Trial coaches, Jonathan Gless, Jeffrey Walker and Sasha Reece. And thanks to the entire executive board, especially Lisa Heffington, the Vice President of the IC. Continue reading