Wondering what to do over summer break?

Summer is around the corner which means warmer weather, longer days, and lots of sunshine.  However, do not be lulled into your summer break without continuing your job search.  Just because you may be on a break from school does not mean your job search should quiet down.  A successful job search is a yearlong process!

So sit back with a glass of lemonade and review the below suggestions to keep your job search on track this summer.       

Network, network, network!   Aim to add one new contact a week to your Networking Notebook.  How?  Schedule informational meetings, attend CLEs, go to bar association meetings and volunteer for pro bono projects.  Use this website to identify state and local bar associations in your state of choice.  Any opportunity to meet lawyers is a good one!   

Volunteer.  No matter where you are this summer, there are opportunities to get some great pro bono experience. Take a moment and review the National Pro Bono Opportunities Guide for help in finding a great organization to volunteer your time. Opportunities are located NATIONWIDE.   Pro bono work is a great way to give back and get legal experience!

Research.  Use your time to research the type of employers that interest you.  Information about the right strategy in actually contacting these employers will be sent out by the CSD during the summer, so keep an eye on your inbox.  In the meantime, learn about firms using these websites:  www.nalpdirectory.com and www.martindale.com.

Read.  Grab a hammock and read Guerilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams.  Chapter 10 in particular is jam-packed with excellent job-hunting tips! 

Prepare.  Is your bar application looking a bit bare?  Become familiar with the state-by-state listing of Bar Examiners and specific requirements at this website

Update.  Your Symplicity profile needs to be updated now to reflect your new class year, GPA/class rank, and any new contact information.  Also, use this time to update your resume and upload the newest edition on Symplicity.

Learn.  Many deadlines for government internship programs occur over the summer.  Use The The Government Honors and Internship Handbook and The Public Policy Handbook to monitor deadlines for summer 2012 internships in the federal government and public policy arenas.  A Yellow Bookmark containing password information for these websites is available upon request by contacting the CSD

Schedule.  CSD Counselors are available all summer to help redefine your job search strategy.  Appointments with a counselor can be made by completing a Counseling Appointment Form.