New On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) Available!

It is that time of year again to start signing up for On-Campus Interviews (OCIs). Don’t know what OCIs are? OCI is a program that invites regional and national employers to come to campus to interview students. The program is open to second semester 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls and even recent graduates. For more information, check out the “How to Apply for OCIs” document in the document library of Symplicity.

Need help navigating Symplicity to sign up for OCIs? Check out the Symplicity Training Manual in the document library section of Symplicity. Both of these documents can be obtained by coming by the Career Services Department, Suite 180 (the old Financial Aid Office). 

Some deadlines are quickly approaching! The first OCI application deadline for Hopping, Green & Sams is Monday, August 15th.

Tips for using Symplicity to sign up for OCIs:

  1. You can only see the OCIs that you are eligible for by class year. If you have not changed your class status from last year, you will not be able to see those OCIs you qualify for.
  2. You must have a resume loaded in the document library before you can see the OCIs.
  3. You must submit a scanned version of the OCI Agreement Form with your OCI applications. If you do not have a scanner, come by the CSD for assistance.
  4. OCIs are regularly added to Symplicity as employers contact us. Make sure you are checking Symplicity often!
  5. If you have any problems or questions, contact Lisa Vervynck.