Networking Clubs Kick Off in November!

Do your networking skills need polishing? 

Are you confident you can use your networking skills to find job opportunities?

Over 80% of law students obtain their first post-graduate position through networking contacts.  As such, the Career Services Department recognizes how critical networking is to your success.  To foster your networking abilities, we have implemented a networking initiative targeting key markets.  This year’s program will include last year’s clubs for Miami, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.  It will also include a fourth club for Orlando.

The program is organized into four separate Networking Clubs for each target area which will meet throughout the semester to cultivate your networking skills in the context of your specific geographic market.  You will receive invaluable guidance from Career Service Counselors, as wells as other students, as you work together to prepare a network of contacts in your target market.  These efforts will culminate with a networking trip to each city to attend an event sponsored by the Career Services Department with the local bar association.

If you are potentially interested in finding employment in Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, or Washington, D.C., you are welcome to join the Networking Clubs for those areas.  You are permitted to join multiple clubs if you are interested in several markets.  1L’s, 2L’s, 3L’s, and recent graduates are welcome to participate.

The Networking Clubs will kick off in early November.  This timing is necessary to allow 1L’s to participate since NALP rules restrict their contact with Career Services until after November 1st.  You will receive an invitation by email explaining how to join and outlining the details of our first meeting.

In the meantime, returning members may get a head-start on their networking strategies for the year by meeting with a Career Counselor.  To schedule an appointment with a Counselor, call (904) 680-7744 or submit your request online.

We look forward to working with you to maximize your networking potential!