Symplicity Now Available to ALL Students!

The Career Services Department is happy to announce that from this moment forward ALL students will have restricted access to Symplicity prior to the completion of their 1L CSD Curriculum (or as 2Ls and 3Ls that never completed the curriculum). All students will be able  to log into Symplicity at with their Florida Coastal log in information and edit their profile. They will be able to record pro bono hours and other legal work experience. Each student will also be able to sign up for events through Symplicity. Upon completion of the 1L CSD Curriculum, the student will gain additional rights such as:

  • Accessing Job Postings
  • Applying for OCIs
  • Making Appointments
  • Access to the Document Library (includes password protected sites)

If you have limited access to Symplicity and you believe that this is a mistake, please contact Abby Lee at