Not sure where to start in Symplicity?

Your 1L CSD Curriculum provided you with an overview of Symplicity that you can access at  This useful guide can also be found in the Resources section of Symplicity, along with various handouts and guides to assist you with your career search.  Looking for a copy of the OCI Agreement Form to sign?  Wondering what our Career Handbook says about how to dress for an interview?  Interested in reading about different legal career opportunities?  You can find all of this and much more under the Symplicity “Resources” tab! 

If you’re searching for something in particular related to a job posting or resource, we suggest that you type a word into the “Keyword” search box and hit Enter or to view all the listings applicable to you, click on the number box next to “Show” located above the blue bar where all of the listings are to select up to 250 listings to view at once.