New Resume Collect Opportunity for Alumni!

Graduates, please read on for a new Resume Collect opportunity! 

Memorial Hospital Jacksonville

Eligible: Graduates
Position: Full-Time Contract Manager
Area of Practice: N/A – this position does not require licensure
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Required Qualifications: Excellent communication skills; desire for an alternative career path; interest in healthcare operations; exceptional writing abilities; high degree of aptitude in contract negotiations and drafting
Preferred Qualifications: Background in accounting strongly preferred; exposure to hospital environment/healthcare field preferred
Application Material: Resume, Cover Letter (addressed to Ms. Jamie McIntyre), OCI Agreement Form
Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, August 2, 2012
How to Apply: Submit your application via Symplicity

**Please note: Employer may wish to conduct on-campus informational interviews during the week of August 6th.  If applying, please keep in mind that you may be contacted to schedule an informational interview. 

***If you do not submit an OCI Agreement Form with your application materials and it has not been previously submitted on Symplicity, you will not be considered for an OCI/Resume Collect.