Webcast: On Campus Interviews – Learn how to Succeed – Tuesday, August 7th, 3:00 ET

Dear Students,

If you’re participating in On-Campus Interviews this fall or just want to learn more about how to prepare for a legal job interview, you won’t want to miss our next webcast.

On Tuesday August 7th, LexisNexis will host a webcast entitled Preparing for On-Campus Interviews to help you succeed in your upcoming interviews. You’ll hear from two distinguished speakers who have been through the OCI process:

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about interviewing for a legal job. As always, there is no cost for the webcast; you only need a computer and an internet connection to attend.

Register for the August 7th webcast and learn how to prepare for your interviews this fall. You’ll also receive 200 LexisNexis Reward points for attending and completing the short survey at the conclusion of the webcast.