Need to Schedule an Appointment with Career Services?

Did you know that you can schedule an appointment with a career counselor online? If you completed your 1L CSD Curriculum and have full access to Symplicity or are a graduate with full access to Symplicity, youhave 24-hour access to easily schedule anappointment with our counselors on Symplicity: on the home page, under the right-hand column, click on “Request an Appointment” under the Career Tools and Advising header. You will be taken to the counseling appointment page where you can select the type of appointment you would like, the counselors who¬†are available, and the date that you would like to schedule the appointment for. Once you click on the date, time and counselor, it will populate the fields under “3. Submit Your Request” and once you click “Submit Request” you will receive a confirmation e-mail about your appointment. It’s that easy!

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