Can’t Find Postings on Symplicity?

Make sure your profile is updated to your appropriate class year and expected graduationSymplicity date every semester… Symplicity does not automatically switch this for you!  Remember that all current students have the ability to log into Symplicity using your Florida Coastal account information (C-number e-mail address and FCSL account password).  Alumni have full access to Symplicity. Students and alumni cannot re-register for an account, as you are already registered in the system! 

If you have questions about Symplicity, please contact us. Alumni can contact Abby Lee at if you are having trouble accessing your Symplicity account.  If you are a student and still need to complete your Curriculum, you can log onto D2L and watch the videos and take the quizzes at any time. In order to pass the Curriculum, you must complete each quiz with a 75% or above. Once you have done so, please contact Tara Block at to gain full access into Symplicity.