CSD Curriculum Reminder

If you need full access to Symplicity, be sure that you complete the CSD Curriculum! This mandatory Curriculum should have been completed by your second semester of lawCurriculum school, but you always have access to watch the videos and take the quizzes on Desire2Learn.  This Curriculum will provide you with an overview of our services and resources, guide you on application materials and job search strategies, show you important details such as how to dress for an interview and much more.  Once you have completed the Curriculum with a grade of 7.5 or above on each section, you will be provided with full access to Symplicity

All First Semester 1Ls who complete the Curriculum by the deadline will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive 1 of 2 professional leather portfolios!  The deadline for First Semester 1Ls to complete the Curriculum is Friday, September 20, 2013.

All other students who still need to complete your Curriculum can log onto Desire2Learn to do so and send an e-mail to Tara Block at tblock@fcsl.edu once you have completed it.  We only automatically check grades for First Semester 1Ls weekly, so it’s important that you e-mail us if you are in another class and have completed your Curriculum.