Interview Tips: Telephonic & Skype Interviews

If you are job searching long distance, there is a good chance that you have had some telephonic Interviewscontact, perhaps even a videoconferencing interview, with an employer.  Here are some tips to make a great impression and make a connection even if you are not face to face, as discussed by Hillary Mantis writing for the National Jurist.

For telephonic contacts and interviews:

1.   Set up your interview space.  It is important to have a quiet, serene space where you can have your call uninterrupted.  Use a landline, if possible, as cell phone problems, or bad cell service can thwart the whole experience.  Nothing like a dropped call, or an employer unable to hear you to ensure that you are not offered the job!

2.   Act like it is a face to face interview.  Although it sounds ridiculous, you should dress up or at least dress in business casual for the telephonic interview.  I know I feel more professional on a call when I am dressed for work.  Also, remember to have your resume and cover letter (or any other document that may be helpful) in front of you during the call, for easy reference.

3.   Practice speaking.  You need to speakly loudly and clearly during a telephonic interview, and sometimes it helps to practice, perhaps even by recording yourself to determine if you say too many “ums” or if you speak too softly.  It has also been suggested that you speak “standing up” while on the call, as it makes you sounds more forceful.  Most importantly, SMILE!  It really does come through on the other side of the line.

4.   Remember to make your key points.  Just because you are on the phone and it may seem like it is a more casual setting than an in-person interview, don’t forget to sell yourself and to look at your resume and make sure you get in the points you think they should know about you.  Think of how you solved problems, showed initiative or worked independently.  Don’t forget to send a thank you note within 24 hours.

For Skype or Videoconference Interviews:

1.   Find a quiet room or office, preferably one with white walls or a neutral background.  Don’t use your laptop on your lap in your bedroom with an open messy closet as your background.  Look professional and you will be taken seriously.

2.   Test your connection in the room you will be using prior to the interview. 

3.   Contact the Career Services Office at 680-7744 to reserve the conference room or an interview room.  With comparable technology, videoconferencing and Skype interviews are available through our office.