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Resources for Exploring an In-House Career

SuccessIf  you aspire to work in-house, one of the best things that you can do now, in addition to internships and externships, is to stay current on issues relevant to in-house lawyers. Check out InsideCounsel and the network’s Corporate Counsel. Both websites allow you to register for free email alerts that deliver the latest news and trends affecting the in-house counsel world directly to your inbox. On the InsideCounsel website, click the eNewsletter tab at the top to sign up for email alerts. To register for the Corporate Counsel alerts, click the alert icon on the homepage. Also, check out the ABA’s list of in-house counsel blogs.

As the summer winds down, take some time to review these resources and learn more about working in-house to determine whether it is a path you want to pursue. In addition to checking Symplicity regularly for job opportunities, check out for in-house attorney job postings. includes entry level positions and internships.

Interviewers’ Pet Peeves

So, you’ve landed an interview for a position and you want to be prepared. Make sure, then, to avoid things that may jeopardize your chances.Pet Peeves

1. Showing up late. If being late is unavoidable, make sure you call and explain the reason. Do not, though, run behind due to your lack of planning–it implies you will not be able to make deadlines and is unacceptable to employers. Plan ahead, figure out where the interview is located and get an early start.

2. Lack of preparation. This is the single biggest complaint of interviewers and indicates to them that you may not be ready for the responsibillities of the position. Make sure you have copies of your resume, have researched the position and the firm, and are dressed appropriately.

3. Dressing inappropriately or wearing too much perfume/cologne. Please consult the Career Services Handbook for tips.

4. The inability to answer multiple questions or failing to answer the question asked. This is where preparation comes into play–if you have researched and prepared some answers in advance to possible questions, you will not be caught off guard. If you don’t know the answer, say so, and let them know that you will find out the answer. With regard to failing to answer the question asked–practice your listening skills and during an interview directly answer the question asked, do not go off on tangents.

5. Talking too much. While you are probably nervous, answer the question at hand and then stop unless encouraged by the interviewer to go on.

6. Lack of eye contact. Again, everyone understands you are nervous, by you must greet the interviewer with a handshake, a smile, and eye contact. This eye contact should continue for the duration of the interview. Practice if you have to.

7. Not having questions ready to ask the interviewer. Nothing says lack of interest more than you not having a few well thought out questions ready to ask your interviewer.

Need help preparing for your interview?  Contact our office at 680-7744 or to schedule an appointment with a counselor today!

Interview Tips: Telephonic & Skype Interviews

If you are job searching long distance, there is a good chance that you have had some telephonic Interviewscontact, perhaps even a videoconferencing interview, with an employer.  Here are some tips to make a great impression and make a connection even if you are not face to face, as discussed by Hillary Mantis writing for the National Jurist.

For telephonic contacts and interviews:

1.   Set up your interview space.  It is important to have a quiet, serene space where you can have your call uninterrupted.  Use a landline, if possible, as cell phone problems, or bad cell service can thwart the whole experience.  Nothing like a dropped call, or an employer unable to hear you to ensure that you are not offered the job!

2.   Act like it is a face to face interview.  Although it sounds ridiculous, you should dress up or at least dress in business casual for the telephonic interview.  I know I feel more professional on a call when I am dressed for work.  Also, remember to have your resume and cover letter (or any other document that may be helpful) in front of you during the call, for easy reference.

3.   Practice speaking.  You need to speakly loudly and clearly during a telephonic interview, and sometimes it helps to practice, perhaps even by recording yourself to determine if you say too many “ums” or if you speak too softly.  It has also been suggested that you speak “standing up” while on the call, as it makes you sounds more forceful.  Most importantly, SMILE!  It really does come through on the other side of the line.

4.   Remember to make your key points.  Just because you are on the phone and it may seem like it is a more casual setting than an in-person interview, don’t forget to sell yourself and to look at your resume and make sure you get in the points you think they should know about you.  Think of how you solved problems, showed initiative or worked independently.  Don’t forget to send a thank you note within 24 hours.

For Skype or Videoconference Interviews:

1.   Find a quiet room or office, preferably one with white walls or a neutral background.  Don’t use your laptop on your lap in your bedroom with an open messy closet as your background.  Look professional and you will be taken seriously.

2.   Test your connection in the room you will be using prior to the interview. 

3.   Contact the Career Services Office at 680-7744 to reserve the conference room or an interview room.  With comparable technology, videoconferencing and Skype interviews are available through our office.

Non-Florida Bar Prep Breakfast with the Career Services Department

Breakfast 2Attention Alumni taking the Bar Exam outside of Florida: The Career Services Department will be hosting a breakfast for YOU on Monday, July 8th at 8:30 a.m.!!  Next Monday’s breakfast will include an interactive presentation on Linkedin, Twitter and your career search.  We’ll also provide you with delicious breakfast items to energize you!

Let us help you get your day started!

RSPV to Ray Adams @ by Friday, July 5th at Noon. Hope to see you all on Monday!

Update Your Information on Symplicity!

Students and Alumni: remember to log onto Symplicity and update your profile in order to view the latest news, such as job postings and OCIs, that are pertinent to you!  It’s important to updateSymplicity information like your class year, expected graduation date and geographic preferences, which are not updated automatically.  While the CSD will change class years and expected graduation dates for students each summer, it is necessary for each student to ensure that this information is correct.  If it is not, you have the ability to change this under your “Academic Profile” tab.  The ability to request a counseling appointment on Symplicity will resume in the Fall! 

If you have questions about Symplicity, please contact Tara Block at or 680.7744.

Non-Florida Bar Prep Breakfast with the Career Services Department

For those alumni who will be taking the Bar Exam outside of Florida and are busy studying, the Career Services Department will be hosting a breakfast for YOU next Monday, June 24th atBreakfast 8:30 a.m.   Next Monday’s breakfast will include a brief, interactive presentation on resumes & cover letters.  Specifically, we will cover how to adjust your resume to reflect your graduate and bar exam status.  Additionally, we will talk about tailoring your resume and cover letters to highlight transferrable skills.  Plus, we’ll provide you with delicious breakfast items to energize you!

Let us help you get your day started!

RSPV to Ray Adams @ by Thursday , June 20th at Noon.  Hope to see you all next Monday!

Having Trouble Accessing Symplicity Now That You’ve Graduated?

Alumni: As a graduate, you always have full access to Symplicity, where you can view and apply for jobs and OCIs, browse the wealth of information on the Document Library, request an appointmentSymplicity with one of our Career Counselors and search employers within our system. 

You have the option to keep your username the same as it was in law school (which is your C number e-mail address) or you can ask us to change it to any e-mail address that you use.  We will assign you a password when we reset your account.  The link to the Symplicity student page always remains the same. 

To request a change in username or password, simply e-mail Abby Lee at for assistance.  We’re happy to help!

Curriculum Reminder!

Students: Be sure that you have completed the CSD Curriculum! This mandatory Curriculum should have been completed by your second semester of law school, but you always have access to watch theCurriculum videos and take the quizzes on Desire2Learn. This Curriculum will provide you with an overview of our services and resources, guide you on application materials and job search strategies, show you important details such as how to dress for an interview and much more. Once you have completed the Curriculum with a grade of 7.5 or above on each section, you will be provided with full access to Symplicity.

All First Semester 1Ls who complete the Curriculum by the deadline will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive 1 of 2 professional leather portfolios! The deadline for First Semester 1Ls to complete the Curriculum is Friday, September 20, 2013.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get started!

All other students who still need to complete your Curriculum can log onto Desire2Learn to do so and send an e-mail to Tara Block at once you have completed it. We only automatically check grades for First Semester 1Ls weekly, so it’s important that you e-mail us if you are in another class and have completed your Curriculum.

Add Search Agents on your Symplicity Account to Quickly Access Jobs that Meet Your Criteria!

Looking for a way to improve your job search on Symplicity?  Adding hints on the Job | AdvancedSymplicity Search | Search tabs will help guide you through the process of setting up search agents.  Below are some examples of hints to add on various tabs:

Jobs tab

Job search agents will alert you when there are new jobs posted to the system that meet your specific criteria. You can also set how often updates are sent to you. See Advanced Search tab for more information.

Advanced Search tab

Advanced searches allow you to create a Search Agent by utilizing the “save as” feature. Check the save as box at the top, name your search agent, select your criteria, and click submit. This saved search will now appear in your Search Agents. See Search Agents to enable your agent to run on a scheduled basis.

Search Agents tab

Search Agents may be scheduled to run on a regular basis, edited or manually generated by clicking the ‘run’ button. Click the schedule button to set the search agent frequency.

3Ls: Drop By Career Services Day on May 20th!

On behalf of the Career Services Department, we want to congratulate you on completing yourCongrats 1 finals and on your impending graduation!  Next Monday, May 20th, the Career Services Department will be hosting its first “Drop By Career Services Day.”  Counselors will be available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to answer your career search questions and provide you with helpful resources.  Also, if you have not been to the Career Services Department, you will have the opportunity to meet with your Job Placement Coach and discuss your individual career goals.  Coffee, water, soft drinks and assorted snacks will be served all day.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday and congratulating you in person!

Enjoy your graduation weekend!