Consumer Law Clinic student does a mediation on his second day in the clinic

Two days after beginning the summer term, Luis Fermin was in the surprising position of handling his first mediation.  Last Friday, Luis attended a mediation in a foreclosure case on behalf of his clients.  Luis and his partner Jeffery Walker spent the entire day before the mediation preparing for it.  It is safe to say that they were not expecting to be so hands on their second day in the clinic.  But the best way to learn how to do something is to jump in with both feet.  Our clinic cases do not fit neatly into the semester schedule, so clinic students often have to take their cases and their deadlines as they come.  Often that means that they do not have as much time as they would like to prepare for something.  But that it often the case with the practice of law.  Luis and Jeffrey had an incredible experience at the mediation and learned a great deal about how to conduct a mediation. 

The Duval County courthouse is still not open.  Not only the clinics but all of the laywers in Jacksonville are struggling to cope with a courthouse and clerk’s office that has been closed for almost three weeks.  And there still is no definite opening date in sight.  We are now hearing that the court may move back to its old courthouse temporarily in an attempt to conduct some business.  The problems with the new courthouse are definitely throwing a wrench in the hearing schedules for the clinics this summer!