Deposing Plaintiffs in Foreclosure Actions

It has been a very busy start to the semester in the Consumer Law Clinic.  Within the first three weeks of the semester, we have 5 hearings and 3 depositions scheduled.  Two of our senior clinicians are handling the depositions, but some of the new clinicians are getting to do hearings their second and third week in the clinic. 

Two of the upcoming depositions are depositions of mortgage servicers in foreclosure cases.  In one case, we have several different versions of the mortgage note that the plaintiff has filed with the court.  The plaintiff has amended its complaint twice and each time, the endorsements on the note have changed.  It will be an interesting deposition trying to figure out who has been altering these documents and how.   The second deposition involves a similar case where documents keep changing as time goes on.  Both of the students preparing for the depositions, Luis Fermin and Zachary Keller, have an enormous amount of information to digest and process, but will be very prepared to put the plaintiffs in the hot seat as they try to explain all of the inconsistencies in their documents!