the week of halloween brought thrills

The Criminal Defense Clinic had six (6) cases set for jury selection on October 29th.  Five of those cases were set for trial due to speedy trial issues (only one of those cases had the charging document/information filed).

The State finally decided to drop four of those cases b/c of their inability to find their victims.  One case was continued (b/c the State finally filed the charges on the preceding Friday. . .I guess they finally figured out that the victim was in jail in St. Augustine).  So, by late Friday, we only had one case left for jury selection.  Joey & Lisa picked a jury on Monday, October 29th, & did a fantastic job!  And, by 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, the State finally realized that their case had problems (to put it mildly).  They offered a municipal ordinance offense of fighting vs. a misdemeanor domestic battery.  Since the client had a violation of probation pending in addition to the domestic battery, he decided to accept a plea to the municipal ordinance offense.

So, in lieu of doing opening statements on Halloween, Lisa & Joey entered a plea on behalf of our client.  A lot of work went into this case from mock jury selection to mock run throughs to witness preps, etc.  A number of our clinicians pitched in to help prepare this case from acting as mock jurors to sitting through witness preps to sitting as jurors in run throughs to doing case law research, etc.  In general, the clinic operated as a unit.  Nicely done!