Consumer Law Clinic Takes a Record Number of Depositions

The Consumer Law Clinic has taken an unprecedented number of depositions this semester – four.  The first deposition of the semester happened just two weeks into the semester.  One of the summer clinicians stuck around to depose Bank of America in a mortgage foreclosure case.  In September, a debt collector deposed our client and we deposed the corporate representative of the debt collector.  Then it was another Bank of America deposition in another mortgage foreclosure case.  And most recently, the Clinic took the deposition of a local car dealer in an auto fraud case. 

Depositions are extremely difficult to take.  Not only do they take a great deal of practice and preparation, but developing good deposition skills is a lot like riding a bike – you just have to do it to get good at it.  The students in the Consumer Law Clinic have really gotten to work on their deposition skills and at least watch a deposition.  Next semester promises to have an equally busy deposition calendar!