Family Law Clinic

It takes deliberate practice and training to become an exceptional legal practitioner.  Such practice and training does not occur solely in law school or while you are on the billable clock.  To become a great legal practitioner, you must become a eager self learner. To help you learn, take every advantage of opportunities and resources offered by your law school, your work, local legal organizations, and the Bar.  Take the initiative to learn about the big picture. For example, one must understand the client’s end goal and an overall case strategy to truly serve a client’s interest well.  So, if necessary, learn about a client’s business and become familiar with important aspects of the client’s business and the client’s legal matter even if not related to the specific legal project you are assigned to work on.   This work may not result in billable hours for the firm, but think of it as time invested in your career and the possibiloity of taking on a bigger role with the case or client in the future.  Invest in yourself.