Focus: Education Law Skills Lab

The Education Law skills lab, led by Professor Beverly Brown, is only in its third semester, but has already provided services to more than 30 low income clients, who are seeking assistance in pursuing a free and appropriate education for their school aged children. Some of the parents need assistance obtaining eligibility of services for students with disabilities who have been denied or who have been overlooked by the legal mandate, Child Find. Others are parents who have children identified as needing services under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that the schools are failing to provide.

The skills lab students have been engaged in legal research, motion practice, depositions, drafting all forms of discovery, working on individual education plans and IEP attendance. In addition, students have been involved with clients who are involved in the Juvenile Justice system. Students are working with public defenders to strengthen cases and support criminal defenses as they relate to the child’s disability, or the school’s failure to provide appropriate services.

This skills lab will be offered in the summer 2013, and is an excellent hands-on practice experience.