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Clinical Program Information Sessions on Tuesday

Do you have legal work experience on your resume?

Do you have your Bar Clearance?

Interested in doing a clinic or externship? 

Would you like to know more about each program?

Do you have questions about how to balance a clinic or externship with your other courses?

The clinic and externship programs will be hosting 3 information sessions next week for students to ask questions and learn about the programs.

Tuesday at 12 in room 400
Tuesday at 4 30 in room 400
Friday at 12 in room 400
Lunch served at the noon hour sessions.

Clinical Faculty and Experienced Students will be on hand to answer quesitons.


Clinial Programs sponsor Fall Lecture Series

Florida Coastal’s clinical Program will be sponsoring a fall lecture series open to all Coastal Students and Alumni
August 30th- 2 p.m. roomm 365 North East Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
September 6th- 12-1:30 room 365 Lost In Translation- Working with interprters or as a legal interpreter
September 20th- jacksonville Sherrif’s Office International Unit and Crime Victim Advocate