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Clinical Program Information Sessions on Tuesday

Do you have legal work experience on your resume?

Do you have your Bar Clearance?

Interested in doing a clinic or externship? 

Would you like to know more about each program?

Do you have questions about how to balance a clinic or externship with your other courses?

The clinic and externship programs will be hosting 3 information sessions next week for students to ask questions and learn about the programs.

Tuesday at 12 in room 400
Tuesday at 4 30 in room 400
Friday at 12 in room 400
Lunch served at the noon hour sessions.

Clinical Faculty and Experienced Students will be on hand to answer quesitons.


criminal defense clinic. . .and it’s only week 2

It’s hard to believe that the semester has barely begun.  Clinicians are busy with jail visits, calling/meeting with clients, following up with witnesses and/or victims, pulling records, trying to get a handle on the lingo and abbreviations used in this wonderful world of criminal defense, and trying to get prepared for next week’s calendar.  All in all we have 36 cases on the calendar for next week. . .28 of them on Friday’s calendar.  This is reality.  No time to whine.  It’s time to rock and roll!