The U.S. Department of Justice Wants You

In accordance with Executive Orders and other executive directives, DOJ is developing a national outreach strategy that will provide a detailed approach to promoting greater access to employment opportunities and improving the delivery of programs and services of importance to this Nation’s diverse communities including the African American, American Indian, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Disabled, Hispanic and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered communities.”

8 Tips for applying for positions with the D.O.J.

1.  Do your homework! Research the D.O.J. and the opportunities that are available. Find out the mission of D.O.J.

2.  Apply for a position if you have an interest, do not self-select yourself out of the position. If you apply for a position you may get an offer,  if you do not apply you will not get an offer.

3. Really think about why you want to work for the D.O.J. and convey that eloquently in your essay.

4.  Think about what makes you unique, obstacles you have overcome, your passion and convey those ideas in your essay.

5.  Highlight involvement with organizations and activities that involve certain affinity groups. Discuss why you joined the organization, events you participated in, and projects you led.

6. Make sure your answers to essay questions are relevant, and answer the questions posed.

7.  Convey an understanding of the D.O.J. in your essay, and discuss why D.O.J. should choose you.

8.  See a career counselor to assist you along the way and to review documents that you plan to submit. Minor mistakes can be omitted if you have a second pair of eyes reviewing your application materials.

Application period for Summer Law Intern Program & Attorney General’s Honor Program opens July 25, 2011.

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