Law Fellows Program: NAACP

NAACP Law Fellows Program

The NAACP Law Fellows Program will allow law students to

  • Work with civil rights attorneys on relevant issues concerning economic justice, education, housing, voting rights and environmental justice;
  • Perform case investigation and assist with emerging litigation and administrative complaints;
  • Attend the NAACP National Convention and Continuing Legal Education Seminar in Houston, Texas;
  • Examine and evaluate citizen complaints of civil rights violations; and
  • Interact with civil rights leaders and attorneys.

Fellows will be awarded a stipend of $6,000 to offset living and travel expenses while participating in the program.  This stipend will be paid on a bi-weekly basis through our payroll system and is subject to applicable state, local, and federal taxes. Fellows will be responsible for securing their own housing and transportation for the duration of the program.  Fellows may also seek funding from outside sources to supplement the stipend.

Questions concerning the program should be directed to Tonya M. Farmer, at, please use the subject line of 2012 Law Fellow Program.

Deadline: March 16, 2012

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