A Path to Government Employment for Individuals with Disabilities = Schedule A

                  Uncle Sam Wants You!

The U.S. Federal Government is one of the largest employers in the United States of America. There are several employment opportunities within the federal government with a wide range of departments and agencies that include the Department of Justice, Department of State, and Department of Labor. In an effort to diversify the pool of applicants the federal government has implemented measures to reach out to various affinity groups.


Play along below to find out more about recruitment efforts for individuals with disabilities.

True or False:

Schedule A is an option for summer school classes.

  • False, Schedule A is a special hiring authority that the federal government has implemented to recruit, retain, and advance individuals with disabilities. Schedule A allows individuals that meet the requirements for a position to apply for the position through an alternative method.

There is an executive order which calls for 100,000 individuals with disabilities to be employed by the federal government by 2015.

  • True, it is so ordered in accordance with Executive Order 13548 signed by President Obama in 2010. The order states that 100,000 individuals with disabilities be employed by 2015.

All Federal job opportunities are posted on USAJobs.gov.

  • False, not all employment opportunities are posted on USAJobs.gov. Some federal departments and agencies choose to post job opportunities on their agency website.
  • See USA.gov for a list of Government Department & Agencies.