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The Number of Minority General Counsels Reach 9.4%

Joseph West, CEO of Minority Corporate Counsel Association

Number of Minority GCs Reach an All Time High

Recently, Joseph West, CEO of Minority Corporate Counsel Association,  provided his insight on the trend of diversity in law firms and corporations. The interview highlights the increase in the number of Minority GCs. In the alternative, the number of minority partners in law firms is lagging behind. West states, “The trend is good. It’s going up; it’s moving in the right direction and that’s encouraging. And the number of minority women GC has doubled since 2008 [from eight in 2008 to 19 in 2011].”

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Small Firms Get Part-Time Help from Lawyer-Moms


Please read below an excerpt from the article entitled, “Nicole Bradick Helps Small Firms Get Part-Time Help from Lawyer-Moms,” written by Stephanie Francis Ward. 

Lawyers with young children may not want full-time work, while law firms may need help but are gun-shy about hiring. Maine lawyer Nicole Bradick has found a way to bring these two groups together, with a business she calls Custom Counsel.

Founded in January, it matches lawyers available to do contract work with attorneys who need temporary help. Custom Counsel has 18 lawyers in Maine, and a Washington, D.C., branch recently opened.

The mother of two children under age 4, Bradick is also a litigation associate at Portland’s Murray, Plumb & Murray. She began telecommuting two days a week after having her first child in 2009 and now works there part time. Click Nicole Bradick Helps Small Firms Get Part-Time Help from Lawyer-Moms – ABA Journal to read more.

How to Build a Diverse Law Firm

How to Build a Diverse Law Firm

By: Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa

Gay rights have come a long way over the years, with differences and diversity being valued and understood. With this younger generation growing up in environments where they are accepted, included and appreciated for their differences rather than stigmatized, Attorney Shaun Sperling of Aronberg Goldgehn points out that it is even more critical that professionals in the legal field understand diversity on a much deeper level.

“Legal professionals need to keep up with the times and build diversity within their firms,” says Sperling. “The ‘social norm’ regarding diversity is changing within society. Legal entities should be at the forefront of these issues and understand diversity on a deeper level.”

Below are five ways firms can nurture and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace:

Click How to Build a Diverse Law Firm – FindLaw to read more.

A Path to Government Employment for Individuals with Disabilities = Schedule A

                  Uncle Sam Wants You!

The U.S. Federal Government is one of the largest employers in the United States of America. There are several employment opportunities within the federal government with a wide range of departments and agencies that include the Department of Justice, Department of State, and Department of Labor. In an effort to diversify the pool of applicants the federal government has implemented measures to reach out to various affinity groups.


Play along below to find out more about recruitment efforts for individuals with disabilities.

True or False:

Schedule A is an option for summer school classes.

  • False, Schedule A is a special hiring authority that the federal government has implemented to recruit, retain, and advance individuals with disabilities. Schedule A allows individuals that meet the requirements for a position to apply for the position through an alternative method.

There is an executive order which calls for 100,000 individuals with disabilities to be employed by the federal government by 2015.

  • True, it is so ordered in accordance with Executive Order 13548 signed by President Obama in 2010. The order states that 100,000 individuals with disabilities be employed by 2015.

All Federal job opportunities are posted on

  • False, not all employment opportunities are posted on Some federal departments and agencies choose to post job opportunities on their agency website.
  • See for a list of Government Department & Agencies.

Retaining Diverse Lawyers is a Two Way Street

Retaining Diverse Lawyers

Many firms have worked diligently to create diversity initiatives and to increase recruiting efforts to seek diverse lawyers, but there is a shortfall when it comes to retaining these highly sought after diverse lawyers. The issue appears to be two-fold. On one hand, some law firms need to provide a more inclusive work environment for diverse lawyers; and alternatively, diverse lawyers need to be more proactive about building relationships with partners and other colleagues in the firm and seeking feedback about job performance from management. See YourABA: October 2011 | Retaining diverse lawyers, eliminating hidden barriers for more details.

The Power of the Tongue

The Power of the Tongue 

Another layer of diversity is the ability to speak other languages. The United States is comprised of millions of people that represent varying cultures, ethnicities, and native tongues. The ability to speak and write fluently in a language other than English is a remarkable skill to have. The ability to speak other languages increases the clientele that one can serve and makes an individual an asset to his or her employer, especially if he or she is the only one in the office that can speak another language.

Florida Coastal knows the importance of training and utilizing multilingual students to aid in the legal process. Recently, Florida Coastal hosted a training session for legal interpreters and translators. See more at Multilingual students attend training to serve pro bono clients – The Financial News & Daily Record – Jacksonville, Florida.

Diversity Has an Impact on the Bottom Line


Walmart is arguably one of the leaders among corporations when it comes to diversity. Diversity permeates throughout the corporation. The diversity is visible and extends from the greeter at the local retail store to the corporation’s corporate counsel. In addition, Walmart not only has diversity initiatives for it’s empire, but it demands that firms that represent the corporation “demonstrate a meaningful interest in diversity.” The bottom line is that if your firm does not promote diversity, it could eventually impact the firm’s bottom line. Wal-Mart Requires Diversity in its Law Firms.