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Muslims in the Legal Profession

I recently read an article in HR Magazine entitled “Muslim Employees: Valuable but Vulnerable.” The article brought to my attention some of the unique issues facing Muslims in the workplace. As a career counselor, I work with all students at FCSL to assist with career and professional development, and I also act as the liaison between Career Services and our diverse and multicultural population on campus. After reading the article, the wheels in my head starting spinning and thinking of ways to address issues that Muslim students at FCSL may face as they enter the job market. I started posing questions that I may be asked when counseling a Muslim student. Some of the questions included, should a Muslim woman wear a head covering during an interview, how should a Muslim intern or attorney address an employer about accommodations to pray five times a day or providing a place for ablution? My list of questions goes on and on. Although I am still seeking insight from Muslim attorneys, in the meantime, I was able to find an article that sheds legal light on the issues that Muslims may face in the workplace, Making Space for Islam in the Workplace.