Externship Application Deadline!

The application deadline for summer externships is Wednesday, March 7th!  Externships are a great way to gain work experience while also earning class credit.

If you are interested in being considered for an externship  position, there are several steps you need to take to apply.  The positions are posted on Symplicity and applications are only accepted through Symplicity.  Please use the below numbered steps to walk you through the process.

To view the available placements in Northeast Florida

Log into Symplicity and click on “Jobs & Resume Collection.”  This tab is located on the top of the screen. 

  1. To view the list of externships in Northeast Florida, perform a keywords search by typing “6040” into the keyword search box and hit Enter or the “Search” button. 
  2. Click on ‘Summer 2012 Non-Judicial Externship Application’ to pull up the application.  A list of all of the available Northeast Florida externship placements will appear. 

To apply to the available placements

  1. Follow steps 1-3 from above.
  2. On the right hand of the screen, you will see the word “Attachments.”  Click on the ‘2012 Clerkship Application’
    1. This will bring up a PDF form for you to fill out.  You can either fill out the form electronically and print it out.  Or, you can print out the form and fill it in by hand.
    2. Note: You CANNOT save this form unless you have a premium version of Adobe Acrobat.
  3. After you have completed this paper Application, bring the Application to the Career Services Department (Room 180). 
  4. The Career Services Department will scan your documents into pdf form so that you can upload them onto Symplicity. 
  5. Some externship positions require additional information (i.e. a writing sample or CLI designation form).  Make sure to double check you have ALL of the requested documents uploaded in Symplicity. 
  6. From the Summer 2012 Non-Judicial Externship Application screen, click “Apply” and select the documents you wish to be submitted with the application.
  7. Click “Submit
  8. The apply button should now be replaced with “Applied”.

If you have any questions regarding this application process, please contact the Career Services Department.  If you have any specific questions regarding the externship placements, please see Professor Lynn McDowell. 

 Note: This process is only for externships in Northeast Florida. If you find an externship on your own, please contact Lynn McDowell for credit approval.