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Did Mitt Romney really save the Olympics?

“JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There’s a new ad on the airways right now that gives credit to Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney for saving the Olympics and turning the games around in 2002.”

Professor Rod Sullivan is asked about the legalities of the ad and if any copyright law may have been broken by using Olympic footage. Click here to view the ad and read the full story at First Coast News.

Author Tim O’Brien speaks at length with T-U readers

“As part of the Times-Union’s book club, the T-U Book Blog, we arranged a conference phone call with Tim O’Brien and three members of our club.

“They are Rod Sullivan, professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law, retired physician Peter McCranie and businessman Lou Rose. Mike Clark moderated.”

- Read the entire transcript at the Times-Union.

Florida’s ’10-20-Life’ empowers prosecutors but handcuffs judges, juries, defense attorneys, experts say

“Florida Coastal School of Law Professor Rod Sullivan said the statutes were intended to apply to a rash of repeat violent offenders that the state faced when the laws were constructed. His biggest criticisms are that they don’t take into account those who have no previous criminal records or those who possessed a gun but did not actually use it to commit the crime.”


Two east coast lawyers try to unseat judges in Collier County courtrooms

“It’s certainly not automatic,” said David Pimentel, a judicial expert at Florida Coastal School of Law. “The standard that they apply is impropriety or the appearance of impropriety … You could see how the system could be manipulated pretty seriously. Judges are reluctant and resistant to recuse because they’re playing into the hands of manipulative lawyers.”

Read the entire article at Naples News.

Pro-Life groups hold nationwide rallies

“I would say this is probably the most far-reaching case that the court has heard in the last 20 years,” said Rod Sullivan, a professor at Florida Coastal School of Law, said of the health care law.

Sullivan said what the country’s nine Supreme Court justices decide next week could not only change the fate of health care but also the scope of what the federal government can do.

Read more, via News 4 Jax.

Athletes who survived abuse join together as advocates

But Starr and Hogshead-Makar, a graduate of  Georgetown Law School and a professor at Florida Coastal School of Law, said there is nothing in the act that prohibits national governing bodies from enacting such rules.

“I don’t understand why at Penn State when the Sandusky story came out they had a complete change of leadership,” Hogshead-Makar said snapping her fingers. “When the University of Colorado had the rape by the football recruits, complete change of leadership,” she continued, snapping her fingers again. “All these NGBs, big scandals coming out, nothing happening.”

Read more at The Orange County Register.

Wrong Insurance Policy Dampens Excitement of Pregnancy

Attorney Alan Williams specialty is insurance laws. He is a professor at Florida Coastal School of law and  has no relationship with this case.

Williams said the consumer has a remedy and the right to rely on the expert.

“What you have here in essence is the consumer is asking the expert, the agent this is what I want and the agent saying this is what I’m selling you but the agent was actually selling the consumer something else,” said Williams.

Read, and watch, more, via First Coast News.

Largest Poker Room In Florida Opens To Huge Crowds

Rod Sullivan, a professor with the Florida Coastal School of Law, explained how Best Bet Jacksonville was able to open to

“(The law) was drafted to apply to a few number of pari-mutuel license holders and nobody else,” Sullivan explained. “What they have to do is offer a certain number of races on 140 days out of the year. If they have 140 racing days that they’re simulcasting, then they’re legal.”

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