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Breaking down Amendment 1

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It is one of the most controversial Supreme Court rulings made this year. In June the Affordable Care Act, also referred to by others as “ObamaCare,” became law.

It requires every American to have health care by 2014, and it’s a decision that disappointed voters like Rachel Eddy. “I like that everybody can choose for themselves what they like instead of being told what they need,” said Eddy.

But this November, Florida voters will have their chance to vote against it. “This amendment, in essence, would be Florida’s statement that we do not want to be under the Affordable Care Act,” said law professor, Alan Williams.

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Wrong Insurance Policy Dampens Excitement of Pregnancy

Attorney Alan Williams specialty is insurance laws. He is a professor at Florida Coastal School of law and  has no relationship with this case.

Williams said the consumer has a remedy and the right to rely on the expert.

“What you have here in essence is the consumer is asking the expert, the agent this is what I want and the agent saying this is what I’m selling you but the agent was actually selling the consumer something else,” said Williams.

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