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Conservative Conference Ends, But Bad Feelings Remain In Clay County Schools

Florida Coastal School of Law professor Rod Sullivan said the state ethics commission likely has jurisdiction to conduct an investigation.

“The real question will be, how will the ethics investigation come out?” he said. “Any time you start an ethics investigation, it creates a stain on the person being investigated, even though the mere acceptance of jurisdiction doesn’t mean one thing one way or the other.”

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Convict in cocaine-trafficking case to get shorter sentence

Rod Sullivan, professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law, said the case could lead to other people convicted of drug-trafficking getting their charges reduced if police combined the suspected drugs in the same way. But it will happen only if lawyers objected to the practice during the criminal trial.

If a lawyer didn’t register an objection, those convictions will stand, Sullivan said.

Sullivan said he was surprised by the ruling.

“Once Greenwade admitted he had cocaine and showed the police officers where it was, I think it was up to the jury to decide whether the amount of cocaine he possessed was more or less than 200 grams,” Sullivan said.


Mathis verdict called a win and ‘disturbing’

Rod Sullivan, a law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law, said attorneys who represent clients with a gambling interest need to be concerned their advice may now cause them great exposure.

Defense attorney Mitch Stone called the potential precedent set by the case “very disturbing.”

Mathis agreed, saying, “Attorneys are on trial in this case. And attorneys all over the nation need to be very afraid when six years after you give legal advice, somebody disagrees with that legal advice and they can convict you of a crime.”

Sullivan said when the Internet cafes surfaced, he spent time researching the issue. The cafes sold Internet time and gave away sweepstakes entries that had to be checked on machines that resembled slot machines.

Sullivan said he determined the businesses “may fall under the exception for sweepstakes.”

“My impression was that this is very much an unsettled area of the law,” he said.

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Jacksonville man, customers want clothes back after dry cleaner closes

“Their best legal option is to contact the landlord that leased the property because the landlord has the obligation to allow customers to pick up the property that’s in the leased premises,” said Rod Sullivan, a law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law. “Because it doesn’t belong to the tenant and they have to give them at least ten days to come by to pick up their clothing, and I think most reasonable landlords will give even more time than that.”



Appeals court orders new trial for Jacksonville’s Marissa Alexander in case attracting ‘Stand Your Ground’ attention

Rod Sullivan, professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law, said minimum mandatories have gotten out of control.

“This was not something that was meant for warning shots,” Sullivan said. “The Legislature needs to fix this.”

Sullivan said Corey and Alexander both have reasons to consider a deal now.


Jacksonville attorney first to go on trial in Allied Veterans case

Rod Sullivan, professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law, said he is confused by what the Attorney General’s Office is doing.

A few weeks ago, Sullivan said the gambling case appeared to be weak because of the way gambling laws were written by the Legislature. But the money laundering case was probably strong.

But Sullivan changed his mind as more plea deals occurred.

“I was shocked that they took a plea deal from Chase Burns,” Sullivan said. “He seemed to be the key to the money laundering case.”