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Judge reverses decision to restrict media in reporting on confession in child’s attack at Best Buy

Rod Sullivan, professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law, had said it’s the responsibility of Duval County Clerk of Courts Ronnie Fussell’s office to ensure the documents are redacted, not the responsibility of the media to withhold information.

“When something happens like this, you can’t just say, ‘Oh, well,’ ” Fussell said. He said he has warned the deputy clerk responsible, and “it’ll be in the forefront of everyone’s mind going forward.”


Landlord, tenants could face legal action after balcony collapse

“If I were representing one of these victims, I would look at suing both the landlord and the tenant,” said Florida Costal School Of Law Professor, Rod Sullivan.

Sullivan said if the tenants don’t have renter’s insurance, victims can go after any assets they may have.

“The tenants’ potential liability comes in because the tenant apparently complained about it in the past that the deck was weak, but let 15 to 20 people go on the deck at one time,” said Sullivan. “They certainly bare some responsibility for the loss, but the primary responsibility seems to rest with the landlord if the deck was not maintained, in good condition or not built correctly in the first place.”

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Times-Union sues mayor, city, fire and pension pension board

An attorney at the Florida Coastal School of Law who specializes in open records and the Sunshine law says the newspaper’s lawsuit is well founded.

“The city did violate the collective bargaining practice by doing these in private,” said Rod Sullivan. “I think the entire process of file, the civil rights complaint in federal court, is a sham.”

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Court throws out conviction over cell phone search by Jacksonville police

The Florida Supreme Court has thrown out the armed-robbery conviction and 50-year prison sentence of Cedric Tyrone Smallwood after ruling that Jacksonville police illegally looked at photos on his cell phone.

The case, decided by a 5-2 vote, has statewide implications because the court ruled that police cannot look at information on a cell phone without getting a search warrant first.

“It’s a huge decision,” said Rod Sullivan, a professor of constitutional law at Florida Coastal School of Law. “Police have been looking through the cell phones of people they arrest for years.”


Denial Of Worker Compensation Claim May Work In Children’s Favor

Florida Coastal School of Law professor Rod Sullivan says not having that insurance puts Rosado’s employer at huge legal and financial risk.

“In exchange for purchasing workers compensation insurance, the employer gets immunity from suit by the employees. So that, at the end of the day, if this employer actually has money, the employee would actually get more money because they didn’t have workers comp. But, they’d have to go through litigation to get that money.”

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New bill could allow goverment access to your email

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —  You know the saying ‘Big Brother is watching?’  He may soon be reading too.

A new bill working its way through Congress could give the government unwarranted access to your email.

“I have to admit I’m not very careful about what I put in my emails,” said Rod Sullivan.

He emails constantly for business and pleasure.  And he knows the legal ins and outs.  He is a professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law.

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Free speech vs. hate speech: Where is the line drawn?

“We know today for a virtual certainty that if you burn a Quran and you put it on YouTube, somewhere somebody in the world is going to die as a result of violence caused by that YouTube video,” said Rod Sullivan, a constitutional law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville. “Therefore it’s sort of an emerging question as to whether or not the courts can prohibit that kind of speech because it does incite violence someplace else.”

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