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Lawyer: Same-Sex Custody Case Affects Reproductive Medicine, Family Stability

Florida Coastal Law School Professor Sarah Sullivan says the court struck down part of a law essentially defining a mother as an egg donor with no rights. The unconstitutional statute said a so-called “commissioning couple” is a man and woman. Sullivan says the Legislature should rewrite that definition.

“You could definitely just say that a commissioning couple is the intended parent, the two parents of a child who will be conceived with the means of assisted reproductive technology. Take gender as far as mother and father out of it,” she suggests.

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Attorneys embarrassed and disgusted over peer’s actions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The case against a local attorney accused of grand theft and exploitation is alarming members of the local legal community.

“It’s never a good thing when you’re moving money from one place to another,” say Sarah Sullivan, Associate Professor of Professional Skills at the Florida Coastal School of Law.

Sullivan says local attorneys are embarrassed and disgusted that their peer, Cynthia Nichols, is accused of scamming her elderly client, Mary Vest, out of $100,000.

Action News went to Sullivan to find out how this could happen.  She says guardians are court appointed, and must follow strict rules.

“Every year, [guardians] have to go back to the court and do a fairly detailed record of accounting that talks about everything that’s come in, and everything that’s gone out of their clients accounts.”

But in this case, Sullivan says something looks wrong.

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