Gators and Sails

Do you have company coming to visit?  When visitors come from out of town to visit me, one of my favorite things to do (particularly with children) is to take them to St. Augustine. The St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is both fun and educational. The Alligator Farm strives to instill appreciation and understanding of crocodilians and all other wildlife. There are shows, exhibits, feeding times, and the newest attraction zip lining over the entire park! I am fascinated by the albino alligators and the story of Gomek (a 2,000 lbs. crocodile that put the park “on the map”).

After, an often hot, day at the Alligator Park, we like to take an evening sailing trip with Schooner Freedom Charters. It is a 72 foot schooner sailing out of historic Saint Augustine. They provide day sails, sunset sails, twilight (not vampires) sails, and full moon (nor wolves) sails. It is just gorgeous!