New Library Resources – What’s New – August 2012 Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of “New Library Resources” – it’s chock full of What’s New!

To view a table listing the new print resources that the library received in August 2012, click Continue reading below. All of the items listed there can be found in the General Collection and checked out for up to three weeks by members of the Coastal Community.

Guess what? Hein has added some new Legislative Histories to their U.S. Federal Legislative History Library Collection including Congress and the Tobacco Industry: A Legislative History of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009,Expanding SCHIP: A Legislative History of the Child Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009,Semiconductor Chip and the Law: A Legislative History of the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984!  Check out HeinOnline’s August Content Release  and remember, you can access HeinOnline through the Library & Technology Center’s Subscription Databases page.

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Check back here for monthly updates on what is being added to the Library & Technology Center collection. Updates will be published on the second Tuesday of every month.

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Administrative law and regulatory policy : problems, text, and cases / Stephen G. Breyer … [et al.]. KF5402 .B74 2011 General Collection
American legal history : cases and materials / Kermit L. Hall, Paul Finkelman, James W. Ely, Jr. KF352 .H348 2011 General Collection
Cargo theft, loss prevention, and supply chain security / by Dan Burges. HV6652 .B87 2013 General Collection
Censorship : the threat to silence talk radio / Brian Jennings. KF2812 .J46 2009 General Collection
Client science : advice for lawyers on counseling clients through bad news and other legal realities / Marjorie Corman Aaron. KF311 .A923 2012 General Collection
The Congressional Black Caucus, minority voting rights, and the U.S. Supreme Court / Christina R. Rivers. KF4893 .R58 2012 General Collection
Consumer credit regulation : credit cards, payday loans, auto finance, and other non-mortgage credit / Carolyn L. Carter, Andrew G. Pizor, Johnathan Sheldon    contributing authors, Elizabeth Renuart … [et al.]. KF1040 .C37 2012 General Collection
Corporate governance : cases and materials / J. Robert Brown, Jr., Lisa L. Casey. KF1422 .B76 2011 General Collection
The creative artist’s legal guide : copyright, trademark, and contracts in film and digital media production / Bill Seiter & Ellen Seiter. KF2979 .S45 2012 General Collection
The death of the American death penalty : states still leading the way / Larry W. Koch, Colin Wark, John F. Galliher. KF9227.C2 K63 2012 General Collection
The development of outer space : sovereignty and property rights in international space law / Thomas Gangale. KZD3489 .G36 2009 General Collection
Employment law : cases and materials / Steven L. Willborn … [et al.]. KF3455 .W55 2012 General Collection
Employment law : selected federal and state statutes / Steven L. Willborn, Stewart J. Schwab, John F. Burton, Jr., Gillian L. L. Lester. KF3318 .W69 2012 General Collection
Environmental law practice : problems and exercises for skills development / Jerry L. Anderson, Dennis D. Hirsch. KF3775.Z9 A53 2010 General Collection
Environmental protection : law and policy / Robert L. Glicksman … [et al.]. KF3775 .A53 2011 General Collection
Ethical lawyering : legal and professional responsibilities in the practice of law / by Paul T. Hayden. KF306 .H385 2012 General Collection
Federal white collar crime : cases and materials / Julie R. O’Sullivan. KF9350 .O85 2012 General Collection
Foreclosures : mortgage servicing, mortgage modifications, and foreclosure defense / John Rao … [et al.]   contributing authors, John W. Van Alst, Emily Green Caplan. KF697.F6 R36 2012 General Collection
From finals to the firm : the top ten things new law firm associates should know including a bonus chapter exclusively for summer associates / Calvin Gladney and Raymond Millien. KF300 .G55 2009 General Collection
Fundamentals of modern property law / by Edward H. Rabin … [et al.]. KF570 .R3 2011 General Collection
Gender and law : theory, doctrine, commentary / Katharine T. Bartlett, Deborah L. Rhode. KF478 .B37 2010 General Collection
General liability insurance coverage : key issues in every state / Randy J. Maniloff, Jeffrey W. Stempel. KF1215 .M36 2012 General Collection
Hart and Wechsler’s The federal courts and the federal system / Richard H. Fallon, Jr. … [et al.]. KF8718 .H32 2009 General Collection
Health law : cases, materials and problems / by Barry R. Furrow … [et al.]. KF3821 .H432 2008 General Collection
I respectfully dissent : a biography of Edward H. Nakamura / Tom Coffman. KF373.N35 C64 2012 General Collection
Insurance law and regulation : cases and materials / by Kenneth S. Abraham. KF1164 .A724 2010 General Collection
International children’s rights / Sara Dillon. K639 .D55 2010 General Collection
International human rights in context : law, politics, morals : text and materials / Henry J. Steiner, Philip Alston, Ryan Goodman. K3240 .S74 2008 General Collection
International litigation and arbitration : practice and planning / Russell J. Weintraub. KF418.C48 W45 2011 General Collection
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea : basic documents  / editors, C. Tofan, S. Strambu. KZA5205 .I583 2009 General Collection
The invasion of Indian country in the twentieth century : American capitalism and tribal natural resources / Donald L. Fixico. E93 .F515 2012 General Collection
Keeping secrets : a practical introduction to trade secret law and strategy / Darin W. Snyder and David S. Almeling. KF3197 .S625 2012 General Collection
Law and the culture of Israel / Menachem Mautner. KMK440 .M38 2011 General Collection
Learning evidence : from the federal rules to the courtroom / by Deborah Jones Merritt, Ric Simmons. KF8935 .M47 2012 General Collection
Legal education in the digital age / edited by Edward Rubin. K100 .L45 2012 General Collection
Legal intellectuals in conversation : reflections on the construction of contemporary American legal theory / James R. Hackney, Jr. KF380 .H33 2012 General Collection
Legal writing exercises : a case file and formula-based approach to legal reasoning / by Stephanie J. Thompson. KF250 .T466 2010 General Collection
Limited government and the Bill of Rights / Patrick M. Garry. KF4749 .G37 2012 General Collection
Local counsel : first women at the Citadel and beyond / Robert Ray Black. KF228.C53 B57 2012 General Collection
Loving v. Virginia in a post-racial world : rethinking race, sex, and marriage / edited by Kevin Noble Maillard, Rose Cuison Villazor. KF517 .L68 2012 General Collection
Mastering criminal law / by Ellen S. Podgor, Peter J. Henning, Neil P. Cohen. KF9219 .P63 2008 General Collection
Materials in trial advocacy : problems and cases / Thomas A. Mauet, Warren D. Wolfson, Stephen D. Easton. KF8915.Z9 M33 2011 General Collection
Maximize your lawyer potential : professionalism and business etiquette for law students and lawyers / by Amee R. McKim. KF319 .M37 2009 General Collection
Mergers and acquisitions / William J. Carney. KF1477 .C374 2009 General Collection
Mortgage lending / Andrew G. Pizor, Carolyn L. Carter, Tara Twomey    contributing authors, Alys I. Cohen … [et al.]. KF695 .P59 2012 General Collection
Opportunity maker : strategies for inspiring your legal career through creative networking and business development / by Ari L. Kaplan KF297 .K37 2008 General Collection
Papa’s baby : paternity and artificial insemination / Browne C. Lewis. KF542 .L49 2012 General Collection
Piracy and armed robbery at sea : the legal framework for counter-piracy operations in Somalia and the Gulf of Aden / Robin Geiss, Anna Petrig. KZ7212 .G45 2011 General Collection
The politics of gun control / Robert J. Spitzer. HV7436 .S68 2012 General Collection
Problems in contract law : cases and materials / Charles L. Knapp, Nathan M. Crystal, Harry G. Prince. KF801.A7 K5 2012 General Collection
Property : a contemporary approach / by John G. Sprankling and Raymond R. Coletta. KF560 .S67 2012 General Collection
Psychopathy and law : a practitioner’s guide / edited by Helina Hakkanen-Nyholm, Jan-Olof Nyholm. RC555 .P784 2012 General Collection
Reading law : the interpretation of legal texts / Antonin Scalia & Bryan A. Garner. K290 .S33 2012 General Collection
Reading like a lawyer : time-saving strategies for reading law like an expert / Ruth Ann McKinney. KF283 .M398 2012 General Collection
Readings in persuasion : briefs that changed the world / Linda H. Edwards. KF251 .E39 2012 General Collection
Religious lessons : Catholic sisters and the captured schools crisis in New Mexico / Kathleen Holscher. KF228.Z45 H65 2012 General Collection
Remedies : cases and problems / Elaine W. Shoben, William Murray Tabb, Rachel M. Janutis. KF9010 .S47 2012 General Collection
Remedies : cases, practical problems, and exercises / by Russell L. Weaver … [et al.]. KF9010 .R458 2010 General Collection
The rights of Indians and tribes / Stephen L. Pevar. KF8210.C5 P48 2012 General Collection
Shipbroking and chartering practice / by Lars Gorton, Rolf Ihre, Arne Sandevärn. K1182 .G67 2009 General Collection
Student First Amendment speech and expression rights : armbands to bong HiTS / R. Chace Ramey. KF4770 .R36 2011 General Collection
Taxation of estates, gifts and trusts / by Regis W. Campfield, Martin B. Dickinson, William J. Turnier. KF6572.A4 C35 2012 General Collection
Taxation of individual income / J. Martin Burke, Michael K. Friel. KF6369 .B87 2012 General Collection
Torts and compensation : personal accountability and social responsibility for injury / By Dan B. Dobbs, Paul T. Hayden, Ellen M. Bublick. KF1249 .D61 2009 General Collection
Torts : cases and materials / Aaron D. Twerski, James A. Henderson, Jr., W. Bradley Wendel. KF1250 .T93 2012 General Collection
The U.S.-Singapore free trade agreement : an American perspective on power, trade, and security in the Asia Pacific / Eul-Soo Pang. HF1456.5.S55 P36 2011 General Collection
Understanding and mastering The Bluebook : student workbook / Linda J. Barris. KF245 .B374 2012 General Collection
Work of the family lawyer / Robert E. Oliphant, Nancy Ver Steegh. KF505 .O43 2012 General Collection
Writing for dollars, writing to please : the case for plain language in business, government, and law / Joseph Kimble. KF250 .K535 2012 General Collection