Controversy divides the nation: Is it better to salt or to brine your Thanksgiving turkey?

There is a controversy in our nation that goes to the very heart of what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving – is salting (also known as a dry brine) the best way to prepare your Thanksgiving bird? Or does soaking the turkey in a wet brine yield the best results?

Researching this issue is easy in one important way – the researcher is very unlikely to find material with a hidden agenda. There are no forces of “Big Brine,” abroad in the land, posting misleading websites on “objective” studies of the salting vs. brining variety. Any material found in a simple internet search is likely to be the honest opinion of cooks.

Here is a link to a set of search results from Dogpile, a metasearch engine. Here you will find many links to sites that examine this important questions and come to a conclusion. However, they do not come to the same conclusion. The controversy rages on.