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What Librarians Do for Fun

Or at least what I did for fun in library school! It’s called Book Cart Drill Team. I know, you’re saying what? Check out this video, Steel City Kings Book Cart Drill Team. It’s the team I was on a few years ago.

For more videos, search Google for “book cart drill team” (The quotes are for searching the phrase. The site operator tells Google to search only For other operators, see the Google Guide Search Operators page.)

Did You Think the Mandate in the Affordable Care Act was Struck Down?

On the morning of June 28, 2012, many people were watching Fox or CNN to learn how the U.S. Supreme Court would rule on the Affordable Care Act. If you were one of these people, you could very well have believed, at least for a little while, that the mandate had been struck down. Jon Stewart does his usual priceless job of describing the confusion here.

One source that got it right the first time was SCOTUSblog. Read this fascinating and suspenseful blow-by-blow description of exactly what happened that morning, what went wrong, what went right, and why. One interesting detail was the Supreme Court’s decision not to email the decision to anyone, but to rely solely on its website for distribution – which promptly crashed.

Tom Goldstein, We’re getting wildly differing assessments, SCOTUSblog (Jul. 7, 2012, 10:04 PM),


Facebook Safely this Fourth of July

Facebook has become a way of life.  No more is it merely a tool for wasting time and keeping in touch with friends.  The world is addicted to Farmville, Words with Friends, Likes, Shares, and George Takei’s witty library of pictures.  The ever evolving nature of facebook means a constant state of change in privacy and permission settings.  Check out some tips and tricks to enhance your facebook experience in ths blog post called the 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of and be sure to open the PDF at the end to read the Very Unofficial Facebook Privacy Manual.

Now that your facebook is nice and secure you don’t have to worry about getting screamed at by a judge for your social networking activities.  However, it seems that is not the only reason you may catch the ire of a judge.  Check out this blog post about a judge who could not contain his disdain for a party before him in a divorce case.  There is also a video that captures the whole tirade.

One of the best things about The Fourth of July is all the fireworks.  Disappointed with this year’s display?  Well…There’s an app for that.

Have a SAFE and Happy Fourth of July.

Format Things Correctly and Mind Your Manners, Even on the Web.

Do you ever get sick and tired of the countless formatting rules your professor requires for an assignment?  Have you ever “just turned it in” without checking to make sure you followed or read the directions?  That’s probably not the smartest move.  In fact, it could turn out that you just wasted a lot of your own time.  Here is an example of why it is ALWAYS a good idea to check the formatting requirements for anything you turn in, whether it is to a professor, a journal, or a judge.

Ever notice how people who run websites sometimes engage in cyber fights with the owners of other web sites?  If you said no then you are missing a huge piece of World Wide Web hilarity.  Get started with the recent developments from over at the  There is even a legal twist that involves defamation and intellectual property. There is something for everyone!

Apparently you can sue for not finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

Sixty-four year old New Jersey resident Jeanne McCarthy joined the dating service Two of Us because she understood the service ran criminal checks on its members. McCarthy paid $7,000 to the matchmaking service and complained that she was only matched with two people in five months and that only resulted in one date with a man who had three DUI convictions and an outstanding criminal warrant.  Ms. McCarthy no longer believes that Two of Us screens their clients.  You can read more about the dating trials and tribulations of Ms. McCarthy here.

To Do or Not To Do: Professionalism and the Lawyer

Only one week before summer officially begins! Yes! Yes! Yes!

It’s wonderful to imagine that you’ll spend your time having fun at the beach, travelling, or indulging in various other forms of entertainment.  Reality, however, often falls short. For most law students, summer is the time for externships, internships, clinics, summer school, and bar prep!

One thing to keep in mind this summer, as you work towards your goals, is that the legal world is a small one and that your reputation follows you around.  You don’t want to be either of these “stellar” examples: Vegas Lawyer; Florida Lawyer

While it might be fun to read about or watch these lawyers, do you want to be remembered for being unprofessional?


Real life zombie attacks seem to be happening everywhere nowadays, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is finally taking notice. It has begun developing its Preparedness and Response plan for the inevitable outbreak of the undead.

Legal scholars are finally taking notice as well, and beginning to address the myriad of complications that will accompany the rise of the zombies. Take, for example, how the estate and income tax laws would apply to zombies; this issue is addressed is the forthcoming publication Death and Taxes and Zombies (Iowa Law Review). Understandably, this foray into the legal ramifications has generated quite a bit of buzz on the web, like on lawandthemultiverseio9, and nerdcore.

What’s next for zombies on the legal landscape? If you’re looking for an interesting ALWR topic, maybe you can be the one to answer that question!



Sometimes We Have Cookies…

Okay, not very often.  But we would not yell like this librarian if you wanted a book and a box of cookies. Shhh, the Library is supposed to be quiet.

Instead we would definitely help you find the best place in town to get cookies, and help you get a the best book for your research.  And if we had cookies, we would share.  The Library is like that.

The Most Amusing Divorce Petition You Will Ever Read…

Thanks to McClurg’s Legal Humor (Lawhaha) for bringing this one to the light of day. You can read his post about it, but you really have to read it in all its handwritten glory (complete with illustrations) to appreciate it.

Don’t worry, it’s only 8 pages long handwritten, and with the illustrations probably only a page worth of actual text. While it definitely is not an example of the professionalism or civility that an attorney should exhibit, it’s good for a laugh and a smile. Enjoy!