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The Lighter side of Research!

Hope you enjoyed your spring break and are ready to get back into the swing of things!

Still working on your ALWRs, MSJs, or other legal research projects? Next week, we are offering Workshops in low cost legal research because sometimes Westlaw and LexisNexis do not provide all the answers.

Here is a fun look at legal research: Research tips; Why you should take breaks!; Westlaw vs.LexisNexis

In the Library this Week (March 19 – 25)

- Advanced Bluebooking for Memos & Briefs Workshops;
- Bluebooking for your ALWR Workshops;
- Navigating Lexis & Secondary Sources Training (700 LN Points);
- Cases & Statutes in Lexis Training (700 LN Points);
- Lexis ALWR Help Training (700 LN Points);
- Lexis Certification Training (700 LN Points for Certification);
- Possible Noise from the Atrium at lunch time on both Thursday and Friday.

Workshop and Training schedules and sign-up links are avaialble at http://www.fcsl.edu/ltc/services/workshops.

In the Library this Week (March 5 – 11)

- Researching for your ALWR Paper Workshops;
- Bluebooking for your ALWR Paper Workshops;
- Researching Federal Administrative Law Workshops;
- Researching Federal Legislative History Workshops;
- Possible noise from the Atrium on Thursday, 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Please note the Library and Reference Desk Spring Break Hours at: http://www.fcsl.edu/ltc/about/hours.


Two Blawgs You Should Be Reading

What’s a blawg? A blawg is a legal blog. there are a few directories of blawgs including a directory from the ABA.

The first blawg everyone should be following is Law and the Multiverse.  James Daily and Ryan Davidson look through the world of comics, sci fi, and other fiction to answer the legal issues presented. For example, see the post on alter egos. It’s a fun way to review legal issues and to see there are legal issues everywhere!

Second, a more serious blawg is Jotwell, where recently published law journal and law review articles are reviewed. A great place to start looking for recent articles in your ALWR topic area!